Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Only Way Off the Planet is Death

So we really know nothing about this video release in North America from our distributor(s). All we know is what we read on websites. We didn't even get a copy of the movie (although we might eventually) so I had to rent my copy from Blockbuster today.

They actually had two copies of the movie at the Blockbuster on Broadway and 9th Street in Manhattan. Now at one time Blockbuster had about 5200 stores in North America. They say they have over 7000 stores all over the world right now but I think they have reduced the number of North American (which in the movie business only means the US and Canada -- not Mexico) stores.

The package contains little. The inside of this cover has no print. For all I know it's made specifically for Blockbuster. At least the art on the back contains the image which we shot on the last day of photography but that I'd been thinking about for the entire shoot. It's Lt. Dunn re-entering the Facility. It's the image I was saying "This is what the movie is about." Our commentary track isn't included.


Chance Shirley said...

Sorry they dropped the commentary track. But Blockbuster! That's awesome.

And the cover art looks great.

Andrew Bellware said...


It's not like we make any more money from it being in Blockbuster -- but maybe that can help overseas sales.

The only two movies we've got into Blockbuster had very orange covers. I'm told that orange works well in direct marketing too... Hmm...

Chance Shirley said...

People must believe the orange thing, because there's a lot of orange in the Hide And Creep cover, too.

Also, just rented Alien Uprising at local Blockbuster! I hate you don't get a rental cut, but getting a movie in Blockbuster is still a big deal to me.

Andrew Bellware said...

Well we got paid like 6 months ago when I really needed the money so all in all I'm happy about that!

Thanks for renting!

More orange movies for everyone!