Thursday, August 20, 2009


Wow. Today I had a huge realization while looking at a rough cut of Clonehunter.

These kinds of things happen when I look back on what I shot but this particular realization is an embarrassing one. We have a scene where everyone in the room is saying nasty, dismissive, and negative things about clones. About how they're going to casually kill a clone just to use its body and take out its brain. And one of the characters in the scene (we learn late in the picture) is a freakin' clone!

Now as the story goes, nobody else in the room knows that. The audience isn't supposed to know that (oh look, spoiler alert.) And the clone himself knows he's a clone. But cheezy-wheezy I should have been thinking about that when we were shooting the scene and I just wasn't. Ha-doi.

The actor, David Ian Lee, is pretty smart. I bet he was thinking about it all that time. So we're probably pretty safe.

Do I think we can pull off the little bit of extra -- that bit that if someone were to go back and look at that scene they'd figure "Oh yeah, they're talking all this smack and... oh man! He's a clone!" just like we'd planned it all along?


(That's what coverage is for.)

But man o man was that stupid to not be thinking about that while we were shooting the scene. I feel dumb. Lucky for me I have an editor who can fix it! ;-)


Lady Wasteland via DisContent.

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