Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Craigslist Ad

I just posted this Craigslist ad in Los Angeles (I figure there are more vfx artists in LA than NYC and it doesn't really matter where they are physically.)


3D Texture Artist Needed

No-budget science fiction film needs artist to create UV textures for alien city.

Unfortunately there's no upfront pay (the picture is no-budget, times are tough and yeah, we don't feel too good about it either). But the production company www.pandoramachine.com has had all of its movies distributed so the work will not languish on some hard drive somewhere. All of our movies get imdb listings and we offer credit and of course if the movie should sell a whole bunch then everybody gets paid.

We need a texture for an alien city which was built in Blender 3D. http://empiricalpleasures.blogspot.com/2009/08/city.html
Artist will need to unwrap UV textures, texture and paint, and re-wrap the alien structures. We will need to have a couple textures work for closeups but not the whole city (thankfully). It would be nice if you knew Blender 3D but if we really had to we could export the buildings as .obj files and you could unwrap and texture those.

Our studio is in New York but we are perfectly happy to work with artists remotely. The Internet is a wonderful thing like that.

The latest Pandora Machine movie, "Alien Uprising", is on DVD in Blockbuster and just came out on home video in Japan.

Trailers (not safe for work):
Alien Uprising
Solar Vengeance


Here's the ad:

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