Tuesday, May 24, 2011


More pictures of Alien Intervention. Er. Android Insurrection. I'm getting punchy.
The gang looks at playback. I have no idea what I'm doing there on camera left. Talking to Sarah-Doe?

Joe Chapman built this set, and he'll sail her to the bottom of the sea if he has to.

Jiah Peck looks on while David Ian Lee works a scene with Virginia Logan. 

David Ian Lee and Virginia Logan with her EMP grenade.

Virginia Logan and Henry Maduka Steady.

Makin' a movie here with gratuitous lighting.

Why isn't Maduka Steady in this movie? I have no idea.

That's me shooting through the ceiling of the set.

Drew shoots Sarah-Doe Osborne and Virginia Logan.

David Ian Lee wonders "What happened to the screenplay I wrote? I don't remember any of these scenes."

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