Monday, May 02, 2011

Pictures from the set (part 1)

The awesome Libby Csulik sent us these pictures from the weekend of shooting.
Jiah Peck, cruelly assigned the task of boom operator.

If Tom Rowen played guitar, his mojo would be invincible. 

Joe Chapman in what we might call a classic Joe Chapman pose.

The pretty Jeff Wills looks far too nice here to be the deep, dark, evil schemer he really is (in the movie.)

Juanita Arias looks way too awesome in the goggles. I am always looking at those things to try to ensure that you can't see me and the camera in them.

Here's Nat Cassidy, apparently he's that kid you know from Junior High... remember that kid? And some pasty guy in a tent is behind him.

I... I don't know what I'm doing to Joe Chapman here. Maybe I'm just pretending I have a gun too.

Tom Rowen and Juanita Arias.

This is Jiah after the insanity set in. He just thinks he's happy to be on a smoke-filled set in the middle of 'Jersey.

That's Nat Cassidy's nose, Andrew Bellware making some sort of point (although it might just be the drink talking), Virginia Logan, Tom Rowen, Juanita Arias, and Jeff Wills.

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