Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Machines Shall Rise Again

Android Insurrection Teaser from Andrew Bellware on Vimeo.

When we saw this today we almost just said "so the rest of the movie is jut a group of people sitting around naked and smoking pot while talking about peace". Because it doesn't need anything else.


They had three days of footage to cut the trailer plus whatever robot renders I could get them to their server. I think they did an amazing job.


Kangas said...

Looks good! Just think that narrator sounds...dunno...hokey. But I'm totally jealous you can make a movie that looks like that in like, what, 5 hours now? That's about your average, right, from first frame to martini? Ya fucker.

Andrew Bellware said...

It's six hours... from conception to martini. We give the writer 45 minutes to come up with ninety pages and then we take 15 minutes for pre-production.

Anonymous said...

Nice trailer. (Though I still have a problem with 'android', lol.)

Andrew Bellware said...

Mackey: yeah, I know. The thing is that the "elephant in the room" on this picture is, actually, humanoid androids. But the robots are what's gonna sell the picture. ;-)