Sunday, May 01, 2011

1101 Day 5

Still no producer. And it took us half our day to shoot the stuff we didn't shoot the previous day. But we wrapped folks out on the 8:37pm train (when we had a noon call time and a 45-minute lunch) so even though I beat the heck out of my knees, we're in pretty good shape.
Virginia Logan, Joe Chapman, Sarah-Doe Osborne, and Jeff Wills face a monster of a robot.
Wow, we made it over the half-way mark today. I'm as tired as a marmot. We shot a lot of mutherjumpin' pages yo.
Jeff Wills told us to get this shot because it was "the shot missing from Doom". And he was right. But we do have the shot. That's missing from the movie version of Doom.
Wow. Did I mention that I'm tired? I bet everyone else is too.
I... I honestly don't know what's going on here.
We shot 106 different takes today. I suspect that's about 90 setups. It's hard to tell what a "setup" is when you're zooming in and out and handheld and changing your focal length all the time. I suppose you could pretend it's about 100 setups. Yes, let's do. Pretend.
Virginia Logan double-fisting her firepower. 
Making our lives easier was Jiah Peck, who helped out on pretty much everything including boom.
Jeff Wills looking somewhat pathetic while Juanita Arias looks on either forlornly or bored, it's hard to say which.
I don't have any stills of this (because it was an action scene) but Sarah-Doe Osborne flips Juanita Arias in a kind of awesome way. That's going to work out just great for us. Jeff Wills fight directed and Maduka Steady and Virginia Logan assisted.

Virginia Logan rocking the BFG.
Uh oh. I just realized I have about 15lbs of leftover Chinese food. I wonder if my dad will eat it for lunch this week?
I don't know what's going on here but I suspect it's a dirty joke. That's the side of Joe Chapman's head, Virginia Logan, the lovely and talented Libby Csulik, and the back of Sarah-Doe Osborne's well-coiffed head.


Laura, Queen of Mars said...

You used the tunnel! The tunnel is awesome for gratuitous lighting.

Jeff said...

"Gratuitous lighting" seems to be a catch phrase with you people. (Let's try not to allow "somewhat pathetic" to propagate too much, hm...?)

So frackin' tired...

Andrew Bellware said...

How about "sexy pathetic"?

Holy cow I'm tired...

joe said...

for f**k's sake - Jeff's expression is textbook apprehensive! and Virginia's midriff is textbook gratuitous sexy! and that damned tunnel was a pain in the ass to clean out! go Earthkiller!

Andrew Bellware said...

The crew worked freaky-deaky hard on this weekend. They dragged my sorry ass along...