Sunday, May 08, 2011

Android Insurrection Day 7

Joe Chapman is just a mean fightin' machine. 
 I know that each day I say "we shot a lot" but boy, we shot a lot today. And we got everyone on the 9:37pm train out of Metuchen. But we unloaded massive numbers of pages of dialog and shot a firefight and a whole bunch of other stuff. Whew!
Juanita Arias, Joe Chapman, Virginia Logan, and Nat Cassidy, getting ready to kill them some 'bots.
 We spent most of the day in "non-sets", just locations around the shop. Hopefully we cleaned up well, otherwise we'll never hear the end of it.
Jeff Wills' death, as shot by Maduka.
 I did make Maduka shoot two of the deaths today (I directed the other two.) The part of having a 2nd unit director shooting that I didn't think through properly was that we had to keep trading the one camera we have back and forth. But Maduka did prevent my little brain from going into complete meltdown.
After he's been dead and mouldry in the grave, Rathbone ends up helping Foxwell after all. Because of something he has in it's pocketses...
What a great day. And holy cow I'm tired. Did I mention we shot a LOT of dialog? And a lot of action? I mean really, who scheduled this movie?

We're 7/8th of the way through principal photography. And I couldn't be happier with what we got and the performances we have. I still smell vinegar from the weird robot ichor we made though... ;-)

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