Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hard Drive Failure Woo!

The edit drive for Android Insurrection ditched. I mean it died without any warning. And it's really dead, too. I can't format it, I can't do nuthin'.
I guess there's a reason we keep duplicate data in another state. Or at least another county. We certainly don't keep it on the same island.
It seems that iDrive did save what little CG we'd done on the picture. And we hadn't done any editing at all, but our latest edits (which were really just some synced dialog) are saved on iDrive too. Now, the huge files -- the original camera files and the ProRes transfers are in some dark depth of hell, so I'm re-transcoding all those files from the camera drive.
And we even have another copy of all the data. By coincidence I'd sent this entire movie -- all the ProRes files, all the original camera files, all the production audio, to Singular Software just a couple days ago. They are doing some testing on a feature's worth of data, using our files.
So it's going to take a couple days to re-transcode all this data. And then I have to wait a couple days more to get an appropriate drive from Amazon to put it onto. Right now I'm just scooting it onto a spare 1TB portable drive we have.


Anonymous said...

Yikes. That's why, at least for the time being, I'm still very pro tape.

Andrew Bellware said...

CF cards are even better! But we only get to use CF cards on sound (so far).