Monday, May 02, 2011

Five to Stay Alive

Here's our fifth (and presumably last) rounds of pics from the awesome and alluring Libby Csulic.
Nat Cassidy looks on as Sarah-Doe decides she wants to be flipped so Jeff Wills helps her. And this is of course the time she wonked her knee. Oof.

You'd think this was the actor massage line but this is just Maduka buttoning up Sarah-Doe and telling her she's too busty to tie it all up. Jeff Wills wonders why he doesn't get leather straps on his costume. Next movie, Jeff, next movie...

Jeff Wills, Maduka Steady, and Sarah-Doe Osborne either putting on or taking off her armor.

Joe Chapman is a badass. 

Our crane didn't make it in that day so I had to be the robo-monster's Point-of-View camera on top of a ladder.

Andrew Bellware has lost oxygen standing up there and Maduka Steady contemplates helping me down or just taking over the shoot himself.

In deep background is Joe Chapman, Sarah-Doe Osborne gets slated by Henry Maduka Steady, Andrew Bellware is shooting with Jiah Peck behind him -- we're going to be doing 360's with this dialog. Or wait, maybe the 360's happened a few shots later...

Henry Maduka Steady being waaaaaay too handsome to just be on slate, don't you agree?

Maduka Steady takes over directing duties as Drew goes and hides in the men's bathroom to read Maxim Magazines from 2008.

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