Monday, May 09, 2011

Glee? Glump.

Is it fair to complain about the TV show Glee?
I absolutely hate the way the songs on that show sound.
And their version of Rumors was... well honestly it was badly played. I'm not one to get on a kick about how awesome rockstars are but Lindsay Buckingham was actually a pretty OK guitar player. I mean c'mon, he was Peter Green's replacement. So that's gotta count for being some kind of good. And maybe whoever played on the Glee cover is normally an OK player. But, er, and this is a huge insult coming from me -- I'm a better guitar player than that Glee version.
I dunno. I could blame the 80's and drum machines for bands sounding so bland but that isn't really it. There have always been bland and "meh" - sounding covers of songs.
What I find odd is that Glee would bother doing a song with essentially the same arrangement as the original just played worse with more mediocre vocals. I mean, if you're going to do a "musical" version of a tune, then go ahead and do that. Or at least get a volume pedal for the guitar if you're no good at working the volume on the guitar itself.

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