Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Second-to-last-day part 7

Virginia Logan manages to break her gun. Again. We're just going to take those butt stocks off next time.

Virginia Logan knocked down by an (as-yet invisible) robot.

Sarah-Doe Osborne with her laser sword and the Queen of Mars await more gratuitous robot action.

Joe Chapman, Maduka Steady, and Jeff Wills. I have no idea what they're doing. O wait, this must be second unit.

Joe Chapman waits patiently while the camera rests.

Joe Chapman and Jeff Wills are about to die by robot.

Maduka Steady, Queen of Mars, and Joe Chapman -- this is probably while 1st unit was shooting. As we only had one camera we had to trade back-and-forth.

Sarah-Doe Osborne sits on the special styrofoam "space blocks" that are used all the time in both this movie and Earthkiller.

Henry Maduka Steady second-unit directs Joe Chapman.

Libby Csulik loses it and starts taking some monkey jumpers out.

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