Monday, May 02, 2011

Quattro Libya

Joe centers up a group of lean and mean mercs. 

Joe Chapman is actually like this all the time. You should see when he gets into costume.

There is no having fun on set! Virginia Logan and Sara-Doe Osborne disobeying our most basic rules.

Proving that the camera operator's reflection won't happen in her goggles, Juanita looks with curiosity at the camera op. Hey -- what's that blue milk crate in the background? That's not the milk crate we use for lights is it? Not right in the middle of the shot? Again? Well you know us, we call that just a little victory for G&E.

Andrew Bellware shooting Virginia Logan. OK, this is kind of funny. Maduka is actually actively wrapping lights because this was the martini shot. I mean, he was taking away lights I was using and turning on work lights. It was a very efficient wrap which I just shot around. Him just walking by with a crate of instruments which had been in the background of the shot just moments before, and walking through our shot, amused me immensely. It may have been the opium kicking in though. I'm not sure. It still amuses me. So maybe it was some dynamite stuff.

When we do the gritty urban version of this movie, Virginia Logan will look like this.

This is my new band. Virginia "Heartbreaker" Logan on guitars, Nat "Crazyman" Cassidy on drums, and Sara-Doe "Black Widow" Osborne on bass and keys. These guys rock.

The apple box Jeff Wills is sitting on was obtained for our use by Robin Kurtz who is off doing some sort of "play". Whatever that is.  

My crew is so damn good looking I just don't know what to do with them. I mean, keep the ladies away, that's for sure. That's Jiah Peck and Joe Chapman.

This shot, oddly, came about naturally and organically. And it probably had something to do with the booze shaker in the foreground there. That's Andrew Bellware, Joe Chapman, Henry Maduka Steady all of whom know what they're looking at. Or maybe we're just being like ZZTop...

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