Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why I Hate TV

The effect.

So, the networks bought 429 pilot scripts. E-freaky-deaky-gads. And they shot maybe 40(?) pilots. And then they actually pick up about a dozen of those, most of which fail.
That don't really work for us. Buying over 400 pilot scripts is maybe great if you're a writer, but that's not what I consider the thing I do. I want to actually make stuff. Finished, completed, stuff.
The cause.
Here's another problem I have with TV. The length of "hour long" episodes seems to be just exactly wrong. Well, let me modify that, it seems to have been just exactly wrong. When episodes were like 50 minutes long they were just too long and had too much filler in them. Nowadays, when an hour is only like 42 minutes, the writing and editing seem to have gotten tighter.
So yes, I'm saying that more commercials are better for TV.
That being said the freakin' act breaks in TV can make it a structural nightmare. This is the thing I hate most about TV: act breaks.
Maybe it's because I find them personally so hard to write. Maybe it's because I'm cranky. But act breaks in TV are frimmerjamerous.

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