Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 8 on the set of Android Insurrection

The perfect and beautious Libby Csulik took these pictures on this, our last day of principal photography on Android Insurrection.
Virginia Logan and Juanita Arias.
 Do you see the androids? They're insurrecting. We had a GPS fail. The van, once we got to location, wouldn't start and needed to get jumped. And when we went to the restaurant (the Chatterbox, in Augusta, NJ) the power went out!
Die Koenigin Maerz.
Some of these pictures were taken by Libby's sister, Willow Rose.
That's David Frey on the left, Andrew Bellware, Rebecca Kush, and Maduka Steady fight directing.

David Frey, Andrew Bellware, Rebecca Kurtz thrusting, Maduka Steady fight directing.

Juanita Arias
Does anyone else think that the ground is actually a different color than it was on Solar Vengeance?
The whole gang is here with Jiah Peck on boom. Thar be robots in the beyond yar.

Joe Chapman, Tom Rowen, Virginia Logan, Juanita Arias, and David Frey open some whoop-ass on a robot.

Tom Rowen wonders if he can be more of a tough guy. The answer is "no."

Jiah Peck booming those who will be hopping up into frame. I have no idea where camera is at this point.

The director is both unphotogenic and lazy. 

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