Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've been teaching a lot of Final Cut Pro lately. To really teach you should be a master, and I'm a journeyman at best, but the basics of FCP are fairly simple and everyone is WAY ahead of where I figured they'd be. I suspect that's less a matter of my teaching abilities and more that FCP is fairly intuitive.
And although I know the technicalities of editing I'm not actually a very good editor because I get bored and frustrated with editing fairly quickly. Joe Beuerlein, Rebecca Kush, and Tom Rowen all have vastly more patience than I do.
Straight-up cutting seems to be a simple lesson. Syncing footage and putting into custom bins seems to be easily comprehended too. It's funny how some people prefer to cut-and-paste from a timeline with synced footage and some people prefer to bring footage into a bin and edit from the canvas window into the timeline.
We're also doing straight-up composites of muzzle flashes and such. Some blood spurts and some wall hits too.
Aren't those Schoeps in the interrogation room in Castle? They seem too far away to be usable. TV is funny, the tape recorders are always Nagras and the microphones always Schoeps.
I do kind of feel like Tom Sawyer painting a fence here. But that's mostly because I hate editing picture so much.
Now we're laying in sound effects in FCP too. I've been given the edict to "teach me more!" which I'm afeared will run me out of things to teach about Final Cut.
But if we go into AfterEffects... Hmm...


DAVID FREY said...

Damn, I met you too soon. When I did the sound effects for Clonehunter two or three years ago, I really wanted the editing, but you had the editing covered. Now your giving it away like fun sized snickers at halloween LOL.

I know what you mean about editing though. Since I started DPing shoots, I've lost a lot of my patience for editing picture. Shooting is just so much more exciting.

Andrew Bellware said...

Hey David Frey, you wanna edit a movie? ;-)
And, I'd like to point out, you did a LOT of editing for us! ;-)