Monday, May 16, 2011

The Things I Do

While rendering, I've been working on the Pandora Machine Wiki. Basically I'm writing everything I know about filmmaking on the wiki. It's a lot shorter than I thought it would be.
Abel Cine made a chart of recorders that go onto cameras. (Link is to a .pdf). May I have a Penelope with a digital back now? Can I have it for five thousand dollars? Can I please not record in 8K or whatever dumb resolution they want to make it in?
You know that I'm just going to end up with an Arri when the big, big, bucks start rolling in.
Video Copilot has a list of AfterEffects scripts. For us, one of the most important scripts (and one Andrew Kramer doesn't mention) is the Magnum Edit Detector. We use that script. It's nice.

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