Friday, June 11, 2010

Bit My Rate

You can get a Roger Linn Adrenalinn for only $399. As far as I know, the Linn Drum was the only drum machine which would actively close the hi-hat when you went from open to closed hi-hat. You'd actually get that little "swish" of it closing. No other drum machines do that.
If I had a pack-a-day cigarette habit and a pack cost five bucks, I'd be spending $1825 a year on cigarettes.

Since I don't smoke I feel I should give myself a bonus of $1825 a year in amplifiers and guitars. Or computers. Or transvestite hookers. Again.
I don't really understand yet how to use this GH1 hack. Hopefully I will because it'll make the GH1 vastly more usable.

Zacuto's camera shoot-out includes greenscreen. I've been looking forward to this test for a while because I felt that keying was a bit harder with the GH1 than it was with the trusty HVX (although the HVX seems to have an issue with its detail seemingly always being "on" even when you turn it all the way down.) They don't talk specifically about the GH1 and its issues with color-keying but they do pull an adequate key. I wonder if the higher bit rate at acquisition with the above hack will help. I bet it will.
Today's question involves whether I get a Bassman or JTM-45 clone. But I need to buy a new computer. Arrgh. I guess that's where this year's $1825 is going.

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