Thursday, June 03, 2010

Earthkiller Facts and Fiction

You start shooting on July 17th?
Who's playing the lead?
The brilliant and fabulous Robin Kurtz.
Oh, cool. Can I be in the movie?
Depends, do you have a car?
What? Oh, so I can drive myself to set?
No, so you can pick up other people and drive them to set.
You're saying that if I'm your transportation captain, I can be in your movie?
If you have a van.
Do I get money for gas?
You tell me.
What is this? The Stockholm Syndrome School of filmmaking?
Quit your complaining or we tape shut the window through which you can still see a sliver of daylight.
OK, OK. What is the budget for this movie?
How much do you have on you right now?
Hoo boy. OK, what are you spending the money on?
You know that Chinese restaurant down the street?
I see a lot of Chinese lunch specials in my future.
Hope you like the General Tso's.
So looking up "Pink Floyd Scores" I found this: Pink Floyd Echoes -- the Best of Pink Floyd, for only 48 Euros.

But it's not what I really want. I really want a transcription, particularly of the song "Echoes". Mostly to find out what that triplet and very delayed guitar part is after the band comes in (the part that bridges the Bm/F#m/D/E to the C#m/B/and whatever part.)

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