Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Leaving for Quebec, Quebec

Apparently it's not Quebec City, but rather just Quebec. In, er, Quebec. You know, Canada.

I offer this family reunion my sobriety. In that I don't plan to be terribly sober during it. And I expect my cousins to do their part in helping me make this sacrifice. And knowing them, they will.
Finally got the temperature down (by ten degrees!) in our studio. Good grief that was a mess. Of course, the weather broke so that likely helped. But also a crash course in thermodynamics (as practiced) has brought us through a Journey of Discovery wherein we found we have to put the big fan outside the door.
Tyrannosaurus Mouse rehearsed. We're starting a new song -- which is actually an old Prague Spring song called "One Last Drink". Tyrannosaurus Mouse does weird things to songs. Or at least the Mouse does things I wouldn't expect.
But tomorrow must cart sister, ma, and pa, to St. Alban's Vermont as the first leg of our Great Journey.

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