Monday, June 14, 2010

Causation Without Cessation

I updated the screenplay to Earthkiller (.pdf link). It'll go through another cleaning before we go into production. Mostly what has to be done is to make sure the lead's motivations are clear and right.
Gearnex got back to me. Their heads can be rented from Du-All Camera (ironically their Worral head is $10/day cheaper than the Gearnex on their price sheet.) Heads can be leased from Abel Cine (although Gearnex isn't listed on the Abel Cine website.) Just think, if we make 10 movies with it -- it'll pay for itself! ;-)
It's weird this whole being in a band thing again. I feel like a teenager (well, luckily not the worst part of being a teenager). Remember what it was like to plateau as a player? All of a sudden you're just better... and then you sort of sit there for a while. And then you start to think you kinda suck. Then you practice a whole bunch more and nothing happens, you still feel sloppy and unable to do even the most basic things. And then (if you're lucky) you plateau again. Yup.

Or, you come up with a music idea and either 1. you think it's awesome or 2. you think it sucks.

Two weeks later you come back to that same musical idea and you have the opposite opinion of it.

I have no idea what causes that.

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Kangas said...

I'm reading it now. Is this the Aliens one, 'cause I noticed the line out of Aliens, "Kill me please!".

It's pretty good so far.

Andrew Bellware said...

We try to put a scene where someone begs to be killed in every movie we make. But yes, this is that one. Although I wouldn't describe it as "Aliens" so much as "Resident Evil." ;-)