Saturday, June 05, 2010

No (D)ice

I'm working on a render now that has frames which take, no kidding, 20 minutes to render each. This fully articulated multiple-axis robot fills the frame with movement. So it's kind of nuts.

Oh, and the sequence has over 500 frames in it.

I don't think it'll take 160 hours to render though -- the robot comes in and then goes out (and then comes back in again). I'm guessing 80 hours.

That pretty well takes up my main machine at the studio so I might just take the next couple of days to work on scripts at home.

It's hot as heck in the studio because for whatever reason the air conditioning which used to be way too much at the theater is now... well now it's less. A lot less.

So I tried blowing a fan over a 5 pound block of dry ice. If the fan were blowing directly at me it would cool me...somewhat. I suspect I need a 50 pound block. I asked Maduka (who for a least a semester in college was a physics major) how to calculate how many degrees a room of such-and-such cubic meters in size would be reduced in temperature by a kilo of dry ice and he alluded to the fact that he used to be a physics major and then went into acting.

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