Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Brain Operating Robot

Welcome to frame 322. This frame took 24 minutes and 51 seconds to render. You'll note that it has no background. Nor does it have a foreground. And you'll note that for whatever reason the alpha channel (which is the part of the image that is "see-through" or "clear") is... white. Normally it's black but welcome to the Blender rendering engine, the .png graphic format, and Blogger. 
Reflections? Check. Spinning things with lots of motion blur? Check. I figure I got about a day left of being lazy and then I gotta get back to work.

(We're going to put some dreary sky behind this 'bot and a horrible evil tentacle or two, which we shot in front of bluescreen, in front of it. Kathleen Kwan will get her brain operation and go from being evil to being evil-er. I love the movies.)


Kangas said...

That is pretty cool. Post some vid when you're done, I wanna see what it looks like in action!

Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! "When you're done" might very well be some time close to when we actually deliver the picture!

But we'll see...