Sunday, June 27, 2010

Guitar... Monday

You'll recall this blog essentially acts as my notebook on the Internet. Sort of an advanced, yet not-quite-as-useful "bookmarks".

Is there some rule about not blogging when you're drunk? But Vinnie gave me some limoncello and... well you know how it goes.

Because this post will otherwise bore my friend Ed McNamee I've included a picture of a naked girl on a lion with the explicit intent of amusing Ed.

Now, onto the boring part of this post.

Trinity amps makes an AC15 clone head for $1250.
Vox makes a very flexible head of their AC30 for $1300. The trouble with Vox is apparently their quality control is pretty miserable.
For $500 Vox also makes the 15-watt "Night Train" which will switch between pentode and triode modes. Fargen makes a mod kit for the Night Train for the low, low price of... infinity dollars. Actually, I have no idea how much the mod kit is because I don't see anyone selling it.
Fargen also makes the AC Duo-Tone for $1500.
Trinity makes their TC15 which even comes in a kit form for $380 without tubes or transformers.

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daddy dave said...

Nope, you pretty much bored me, too.

Thanks for the naked lady, though.

Treasure Island is the shit.

EarthKiller calendar, where art thou?