Friday, June 11, 2010

The Plural of Anecdote is Really Crappy Data

They: So, uh, WTF happened this morning?
We: Apparently nobody was here to let the people for the Writer's Forum in for their auditions.
Are they doing that to deliberately muck with the Writer's Forum production?
I... don't think so. But I'm nominally a big fan of showing up on time so I don't know.
How is Theatresource staying alive when there are so many dark nights?
Well, there's the grant from the State for the Writer's Forum.
What is that, like eight thousand bucks this year? But that's to be use to support the Writer's Forum, isn't it?
Well, in theory just paying rent "supports" the Writer's Forum.
But, doesn't the Writer's Forum show pay for itself? They're guaranteeing ticket sales and Theatresource gets 100% of the ticket price.
So that State grant is just some free money?
Well, it's money that helps make up the difference for not renting the theater every night. Well, maybe not entirely.
What if we had that money and rented the theater every night?
I dunno. Maybe we'd get new dimmers.

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