Monday, June 28, 2010

Yay Me

We're blasting fans like crazy around here in order to keep it cool enough for hard drives. And we've gone to all kinds of effort to make sure that nothing is on which shouldn't be on -- normally a person in our shop will run more than one computer -- doing one thing with one, something else in the background on another. But not this summer, no way. The only computer on is the one in front of you. The only drives turned on are the ones you're working from. If we put some red lights in here we could pretend we're in a submarine.
Mostly, a new post all about moi! I am "utterly shameless or utterly clueless".

For the record, I object to the word "or" there. "And". "And" is the word.

I do hope Nancy publishes the email exchange. That would be super-awesome.

--UPDATE-- She did! (Go ahead and click on the link. Just make sure you wipe off the crazy afterwards.)
I guess that it takes roughly a week to do about 20 minutes of dialog, music, and effects editing (creation) and mixing. That's my guess. So it'll take about 4 weeks of me working full-time just on that. I expect Day 2 to be finished sometime long about August. Of course, we haven't heard about any sales of the picture yet, and when we do it'll be an emergency and we'll have to get the movie finished in a vastly foreshortened amount of time. But that's just how things are.
By popular request, the calendar for Earthkiller. Allegedly we start shooting on July 17th.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how leaving out any direct quotes or legitimate context makes one seem totally reasonable, isn't it?

Andrew Bellware said...

Why yes, yes it does! ;-)

Kangas said...

I was under the impression that was a he and not a she until I saw the picture.

Also, she could not win a lawsuit on libel because you said she got banned from a theater. The lawyer would say, "Prove damages", and it's over.

But blog wars are fun.

Andrew Bellware said...

Besides, I ain't been told that she ain't. And technically, I said she "had" been, which is certainly true. Facts don't really get in her way. ;-)

Daddy David said...

For the record: You should change your blog name to KITTIES AND TITTIES. It's kinda awesome.

Andrew Bellware said...

Yes but that would leave out all the stuff I say about guitars and my ponderous political observations and... oh... nevermind.

It is kinda awesome. It's even the most awesomest when I can get both in the same picture. Actually, I think Cute Overload has a whole "racks with cats" category.

Chance Shirley said...

Glad it's not just us poor slobs down here in Alabama dealing with an already miserably hot summer.

Also... submarine!

Andrew Bellware said...

Run silent. Run deep.