Monday, June 07, 2010

Oh, What Big News We Have Today

Actually, there's no big news. Just random things:

The Eiko self-ballasted 85-watt florescent light from Amazon. I'm going to keep linking to it until I buy a couple of them. Somebody has to buy my Mahaffay amp and my Malekko delay pedal though first.

Speaking of which, how to play Kashmir with DADGAD tuning. I like these charts because I just can't read regular guitar tablature (which tends to be bad for reading rhythm parts anyway).

While waiting for my computer to render, instead of doing something useful I've been watching episodes of 30 Rock. So far my hands-down favorite exchange is this one:

Liz: Hey, you don’t know the Postmaster General, do you?
Jack: I do but we had a falling out over the Jerry Garcia stamp. I mean, if I want to lick a hippie I’ll just return Joan Baez’s phone calls.

I embarrassingly laughed out loud to myself while wearing headphones.


Kangas said...

What's so good about that light?

And let me point out this--I got one, and it puts out ridiculous light for the cost.

Andrew Bellware said...

That looks cool too.

The thing about the florescent light is that it's 85 watts (which they say is the "equivalent" of about 300-and-some-odd numbers of watts in an incandescent.)

What else have we learned here? That I can't spell "floerescent" or "incandescant".

Kangas said...

I have some lights like that, but not ones with a built-in ballast. I'm just wondering what that buys you. (Can you use a dimmer switch on it, then? That flickery light we used in the basement scenes of FOC1 was made by putting one of these kinds of lights on a dimmer and dimming it down--it goes wonky)

Andrew Bellware said...

Ooh, that sounds like an awesome way to make a flickering light!
I'm sure the self-ballasted lights don't otherwise play well with regular dimmers.
Back in the olden days at the Wooster Group we had some sort of very complicated system for dimming florescent lights. It was very complicated.