Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The end of June

In fabulous St. Albans Vermont, in a hotel a bit seedier than I thought the $100/night would have gotten me.

Thinking about getting Beauty Box.

My sister is making buttons for the reunion. Shirts are in the trunk.

The House of Humor is our favorite wig store. It's in California.

I slammed through a first mix of act 2 of Day 2 in only two days. That's pretty good. is a huge help. I put some of our own sounds up for others to use. Check out the sounds from user Pushkin.


Kangas said...

What kind of homely people you shooting that you need that kind of filter? :)

Also, clicked on, and my head exploded. That page needs some organization...

This is my 2nd time trying to post. The first time your web site said Fuck You.

Andrew Bellware said...

On the right go to "search" and then you can use search terms to find the sounds you want.

Hey, there are times when a stocking over the lens just ain't what you want. And of course the answer is "Me!". That's who I'm shootin! ;-)

Unknown said...
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