Thursday, June 10, 2010

Renaming Rocks

Welcome to the bulk renaming utility. It's a PC program, freeware, and your best friend when you've mis-named 550 of your favorite files to the wrong shot number.

Not that I anyone in my shop would have done such a thing.
Everyone keeps trying to turn me on to CS5. Yes, there are some super cool things about it. We'd have to do things with some plugins we have, I don't really want to be upgrading them to 64-bit. But eventually we'll have to. It's a bit scary to upgrade in the middle of a project but the fact is we're always in the middle of a project.
I've been getting 30 Rock episodes out of the library (that place is like communism -- does the government know about it?) The show is very well written. There are a shocking number of shots out of focus. Even more than Law & Order. I mean, we don't even have that many out-of-focus shots. (I mean, we don't without softening up all the shots immediately before and after the shot so it doesn't stand out.)
I'm using now because Spinvox (which I'd been using for years for free) has seemingly died. Of course, I hate the telephone anyway so I'll never be available if you call. Email, however, is a completely different story.

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