Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Robot Sings To Cat

This was the second funniest line from this week's 30 Rock:
“If you’re really gonna do this, you’d better get a move on. Right now, there are models waking up from their coke binges; multi-ethnic bartenders with daddy issues; former ballerinas who had to quit because their boobs got too big — they’re gonna hear about the horny billionaire, and Thad’s gonna forget all about his little crush. They’re coming, Liz. Click click. That’s their stilettos. Click click.”
The funniest line was:
"A gym teacher on a sex tour of Indonesia called, he wants his shirt back."

I feel like we need customized dog tags. Either for Tyrannosaurus Mouse or Pandora Machine. If not, we end up with Star Wars dog tags on our next movie.
Today is a big set move-in day.
Techno Info Slide. Only $15.

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