Thursday, February 23, 2012

Newe Machine

I've been looking at some AfterEffects projects. Just looking.

It turns out there are some utilities for the MSI X79A-GD65 "Military Class" mainboard that I have which allow the temperature to be monitored and regulated without going directly into the BIOS. "Click Bios II" and "System Monitor" deals with overclocking.

I figure if the CPU temperature is less than 40 degrees Centigrade then I'm in relatively good shape as long as the mainboard doesn't go above 45 degrees. In any case, setting the fans to "auto" makes the machine a whole lot quieter. If it starts to heat up, the computer will up the fan speed. Still, I'm checking into a quieter top fan for the machine.

Marcus the robot says hello.
The Titanus machine is very nice. It's been thrown into production. I've already done heavy mixing and 3D animation. These frames are taking about 40 seconds to render and I'm not even being polite to the machine -- I'll be working on audio in another window in a minute.

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