Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Things For Today

This is the place where I talk about mixing movies, right? Yes. Yes it is. Not the Pandora Machine blog or the Tyrannosaurus Mouse blog.
I don't have a Cedar DNS 1000 because it costs six thousand bucks. But I have tried the Waves "Cedar-like" Waves WNS (Waves Noise Suppressor) and the Waves W43 (which is their Dolby Cat 43 - like plugin.)
Word on the street is that the WNS is about as effective as the DNS but it ain't as pretty sounding. It will remove the room yuk from normal dialog tracks, that I can confirm.

Right now I'm digging the built-in Samplitude "de-noiser" for tape-like hiss better than either of the Waves plugins.

"Zero DownTime" means over an our of starting and re-starting your computer, as it turns out.
I'm also feeling I may be prejudiced by reviews but the W43 sounds a bit better to me than the WNS. It's not as effective on dealing with noise on dialog tracks. On dialog I simply need something like the WNS. Sometimes there are some discounts out there on the wild web but the basic street price is $600 for the WNS. And that's considerably cheaper than the Cedar DNS-1000 (a Cedar was sold recently on eBay for $1900).

But I suspect that I should get the WNS plugin (I'm using the demo right now) before mixing the next picture.

Dig this post on cue-ing a Foley session. It's Pro-Tools-centric. I always thought the Foley people spotted their own tracks. Obviously they're used to someone sending them a session already spotted.

I'm working on new mixes for Day 2. And I'm mixing Android Insurrection. And I'm creating a new opening for Android Insurrection.

Here are some important notes for me:

"1002 from pre-render" is the version of 1002 with the multitrack audio.
"1002 2012" is the new version with the new mix.


Kangas said...

Too bad you don't have Soundbooth. It's Dehisser is pretty sweet, as is the actual Noise removal tool(which can capture a "sound" through your audio, and remove it).

I been doing SURGERY on my audio...it's crazy. If I get ambitious, I may post some screenshots of before and after.

Also, will email ya about something else.

Andrew Bellware said...

The spectral cleaning in Samplitude is fairly sophisticated. You can remove coughs and chair squeaks from classical recordings, and a lot of specific noises from dialog.
What I'm trying to get rid of here is traffic.