Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Coda

"In my demure barbie-doll nudity, I pick up the big gun, and a cigarette, which I light in the burning flames of the space shuttle. Taking my red wig off and tossing it into the air, I say, in a Marcus voice, "time to play human. " And I blast the red wig with my big gun like a Englishman shooting a clay pigeon, but creepier."

Right now we don't have a shuttle, all beat up and in pieces, in order to make this shot. We'll hopefully figure out something. By Sunday.

I suppose I could ask the writers about a new coda to Android Insurrection. But neither of them believe they actually wrote the movie at this point so it's a bit like kicking a dead horse.
Make Human is an open-source project for making 3D models of humans. Which is very cool. I don't have time to deal with it but it's very cool. Nathan Vegdahl turned us on to it.


Joe Falcon said...

Given your time and budget constraints, digital mats and use Video Copilots AE2 flames to give the hint the Droid is lighting her cigarette in the debris. Toss the the wig in the air with a AE2 blast effect, cue "Fade to black" have nice day. B)

How much time you got for this?

Andrew Bellware said...

We have no time at all for this. She won't really be blasting her wig. If we're lucky she'll look over a sea of androids and robots...

Joe Falcon said...

Wow, that bad.

Andrew Bellware said...

Ha! ;-)