Monday, February 20, 2012

HUD Comes Up Red

Jimmy put robots on this asteroid. As a rule when they use robots they really wanna keep it. Same is true with us -- flesh is cheaper than steel.
But your team doesn't have any robots. Damn things more likely to kill your own guys than to take on Jimmy anyway. That's why nobody wants to work with 'bots.
There's some kind of low gravity on this rock. Even in your full armor you weigh about as much as a baby. You learn that gets real clumsy real fast and you hug the ground crawling toward "Target X" which is supposed to be the entrance to their underground complex.
The first time you're hit you don't even know it. Your suit knows it though. HUD comes up red and decides that the shrapnel is too close to your spine to let you move anymore. So you feel yourself suddenly grow tired. More tired than you've ever been before. And you fall over like a statue, absolutely frozen.
This is what? The third, fourth time you've been hit. You don't remember and you don't care. Thing is, you're out in the open. And Jimmy wants you gone baby, not just taken out of commission for a while. Your rank insignia make you a senior NCO.
The stripes are just out there glowing. Any drone that comes by will punch depleted uranium into your medulla oblongata just as a sub-routine.
But your suit feels your stress go way up. It's almost like a gentle hiss in your brain when the miniature pumps change up your brain chemistry so you start feeling like lying here face down on this rock with enemy mechs all around you is the most comfortable place you could possibly be.

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