Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The birth of a space helmet

An "unfinished" helmet sits next to the silicon mold.

The "glass" part of the helmet needs to be cut out and replaced with the vacu-formed visors.

Although the helmets are intended to be weathered we are inclined to leave one of them white like this just because it looks nice.

The helmets have an almost organic look to them which I really like.
Dave Campfield's Caesar and Otto's Summer Camp Massacre is available on Amazon VOD.

And more pictures of the helmet. Anthony Jones cast it out of this nice, lightweight, resilient plastic stuff.


Kangas said...

Those are pretty cool looking. I would wear one to, say, Subway to get a sandwich even.

Andrew Bellware said...

It's hard to eat a sandwich in that thing.
Right now it's hard to BREATHE in it. But we hope to solve that problem with well-placed holes.

Kangas said...

I didn't say I'd EAT it. I'd just get it. That would be the fun, to see how people reacted to me ordering a sandwich in it.

Because that would be the ONLY thing I'd be wearing. That's how I roll. Naked. I roll naked.

Andrew Bellware said...

Just another day in New York City! ;-)