Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A New Place to Be

The studio is a mess since we had to clear out of deep storage.
What with the Board of Directors of Theatresource deciding to close the place by the end of December, we need to find a new place for our studio.
Yeah, as a stop-gap I could move the studio to Jersey City. That sure would be the cheap option. But would anyone actually take the PATH to Jersey City in order to edit? Maybe once. Twice. 
So I'm looking for either a theater or a post-production house to set up in. 
Right now we're paying $500/month for a windowless back office without HVAC (it's November and we still have a 22" fan blowing air into the studio because it's so hot in there.)
We actually don't quite need the amount of room we have. We're in a (I think) 12' by 13' room. Later today I should double-check. (Update: it's 11' by 12' 6" -- and yeah, those are inside to inside measurements and the world of real estate measures outside to outside but it's not terribly practicable for me to measure that way. Anyway, it's about 120 square feet).
It would be nice if the place were quiet -- at least quiet during some schedulable part of the day in order to mix. Other than that we're all very used to working with headphones. 
I think I'd prefer a theater because it's more fun. Of course Theatresource is/was special, so it was more fun. 

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