Sunday, November 27, 2011

You know what also sucks?

Photo call.

It takes up a tremendous amount of time, just when you don't have time (right before a performance of your show). You're not lit for photography, you're lit for theater. And nobody has spent a moment thinking how each scene would be framed in camera.

Photo call. It just sucks.

You know why/how that Tyrannosaurus Mouse show photographed so well? I mean besides having David Frey do it?
1. We actually lit for photographs (which, incidentally, washed out our video projections, making the live show less but the photographs more). Before the show Maduka made sure our exposure levels were appropriate.
2. We could take pictures around the room and didn't have to worry about the noise of the camera (c'mon, the noise of the camera? Over how loud we play? Not a chance.)

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