Thursday, November 10, 2011


People. Asking about netbook computers. I am answering their questions.

$250 is a pretty good price for a lil' computer to surf the Web and check email on. You can even write scripts on it.
But what if you, for whatever deranged reason, need to run OSX? There's a compatibility chart for that. In my experience it's a big ol' pain in the tuchus to get OSX to run on a Windows netbook, but I have been able to do it. And if you're running (say) Qlab, then you gotta do what you gotta do.
Anyway, here are some computers highly rated for running OSX:
A used HP Mini 1000 will set you back less than $200.

Same thing with a used Dell Mini 10.

And that's my report on computers you can throw in your backpack.
Here's a 1TB USB portable hard drive.

Note to people like my parents: you'll have to click through to the blog to actually see what I'm talking about.
Note to people who aren't my parents: we don't actually talk you see, we just blog at one another.


Daddy D said...

Netbooks are shit, crap, bile, horrible nonsense fuckery.

I wasted my hard-earned green on a Samsung N150Plus, running Win7. It's not designed to run Win7; you literally can only run ONE program at a time (iTunes and word at the same time? Nope. Explorer and the fucking calculator? Nope.) and the machine is FUCKING RIGGED so that you cannot - I mean, CANNOT - remove Win7 and downgrade the operating system. Crap shit horrible hate hate hate.

Buy a tower or buy a tablet. Netbooks are shitty shitty crappola.


Andrew Bellware said...

To me, the lesson here is: do not run iTunes. ;-)