Saturday, November 05, 2011

Why Don't They Resign?

Why on earth would you be on the board of a theater, and vote to close the theater rather than simply resigning from the Board?

Note that the present Board of Directors at Theatresource is actually worse than the one I describe here from a couple years ago. The present Board is actually and actively destroying the theater.
And they're doing it willfully -- not just from neglect.
Yup. Nobody else could actually close Theatresource.

  • Not the State coming after the company for unpaid State Unemployment Insurance. 
  • Not fires. 
  • Not floods. 
  • Not unpaid liability insurance. 
  • Not the landlord sending the City Marshal to our door. 
  • Not the massive increase on property taxes after 9/11. 
  • Not waiting until December to start booking the space for January.
  • Not immense political infighting between the managers and the Board.

Nope. None of those things could actually close the doors to the theater.
To do that, you'd need this Board of Directors.
Let's be clear about that. The theater is not going bankrupt, it's not folding because the Sheriff showed up, or because of some disaster. It's not even closing because the debt load is higher than it usually is.
It's just closing because this Board lacks the imagination, the will, and the backbone one needs to keep a small business running.

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