Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Where To Move To

Shockingly, band rehearsal studios are cheap and (allegedly) quiet. I'm listing those places over there on the Tyrannosaurus Mouse blog.
I'm just listing places we can look. A hundred square feet would be fine for us. I would like to see daylight just poking its head in somewhere. It would be nice if it were quiet enough to mix in.
New York City has scads of front-office small spaces and desks. Those tend to be more expensive than what we really need. We're strictly back office. Which is why a small and unusable office in a theater is kind of perfect for us.
It's likely there's going to be a couple months that Pandora Machine will be in my apartment in Jersey City. The editors will hate hate hate that. Unless I provide premium treats for them.
Another option is that we leave all of the sound gear and sound mixing in Jersey City and only do picture editing at an outside office. This idea has merit and is worth considering.

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