Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Paranormal Board Activity

So a volunteer at Theatresource came into the space the other day. She was talking about what the Board was doing with closing down the theater because nobody can figure out really why the Board is shutting down the theater.

This volunteer went to the bathroom. She came out and said a voice spoke to her -- in the bathroom -- and told her that the landlord had rented out the space to someone else in eight months and that the Board got ticked off and told the landlord "screw you, we're out of the space at the end of December".

The strange thing? This is the first theory that makes sense. And the theory came from a voice, you know, in the bathroom.


Penny said...


Last voice I heard in the bathroom was my kitty coughing up a hairball on the floor.

But who is to say?

Still sending you good thoughts...

~P :)

Andrew Bellware said...

In the bathroom at my parents' a little orange paw reaches under the door and swats at the belt on the bathrobe hanging from the back of the door.
Cats are basically ghosts. Barfy little ghosts.
And thanks for your thoughts!