Monday, November 07, 2011

Hamlet von Schnitzel

"And writing a blog post about writing a book is like multiplying dead kittens by more dead kittens. Or like dividing dead kittens by angry rabbits. I don’t know how kitten-algebra works." The Bloggess.
Get your head out of the bunny butt.
A small dog came into the studio today.
Dog: Did you know that Greenwich Village Follies decided to end their open run two weeks before the Board of Theatresource decided to close the theater?
Me: What a funny coincidence.
Dog: Four of the members of the Board are producers on Greenwich Village Follies, aren't they?
Me: What are you insinuating?
Dog: It's just a coincidence, that's all.
Me: You're a funny little dog.
Dog: It's a lot easier to pillage an organization when you have no overhead.

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