Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Cats, Frogs, Mitch Gross

I find this cat way too amusing.
Somebody remind me that I have to get to the theater by noon tomorrow because the caterer from the art opening left her bag and she needs to pick it up.
The Frogman cracks me up.
Mitch Gross doesn't get nearly as much Internet "wow" as he deserves for his Abel Cine videos. He cuts right through the malarkey and offers technical details in his off-handed way that are frequently pretty unique. After all the Internet yelling this week about Red/Canon cameras it's nice to see somebody actually operate a light.
One thing Mitch didn't go into any detail about but that Remote Phosphor light seems to have a very even spread, not so much of a hot spot in the middle of it. Sure, you can say that for twelve hundred bucks it better be nice but hey -- at least it is.

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