Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Today's Things of Threeness

I am using the new Google Reader rectifier plug-in for Chrome. I'm... not entirely sure it works that great. I'm not too sure that all the new Google "looks" they're applying to their applications is all that awesome. At first glance they're a bit harder to read. Sometimes you don't need to "update" stuff guys.

I need a Cedar DNS-1000. I know it's slightly out-of-date. And because that's a piece of sound gear, do I put it on this blog, my Tyrannosaurus Mouse blog, or the Pandora Machine blog? I don't know.
But it's a multi-band expander specialized for cleaning up dialog from background noise such that we have in our movies all the time.
I've given up entirely on the notion that my parents would ever read any of my blogs. Just to pester them I've set up three blogs to email them automatically when they publish. This blog gets nigh on a hundred hits a day of people who want to (apparently) look at bunny butts. Say "welcome" to my parents bunny-butt-lookers! (Don't bother, there's no way either of them are going to be navigating their way to the comments.)


Penny said...

If it's any consolation Mr. Bellware, I believe it took me six years of emailing my parents with the link to my blog back on Yahoo! 360, before they figured out that they had to actually CLICK on it to read it - which by then, I'd already moved to Google...

And yet, they're fans now, as they finally realized that the posts will STILL be there even if it takes them a week to get around to reading them! :)

p.s. That really is a cute bunny butt...! :D

Andrew Bellware said...

Blogger lets you email the whole post automatically to up to 10 people now!
We don't have to worry about what we say in the comments though, they haven't figured that part out. So it's possible to talk freely about Christmas presents and the like without fear of discovery. ;-)