Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wait, What?

  • So wait, I worked on those huge load-outs of deep storage at Theatresource. We were told at the time that the landlord was insisting that he get back deep storage in order for us to continue.

Yup. You were told that.

  • Did the Board of Directors already know that they were going to shut down the theater by then?

It sure looks that way on the face of it.

  • So they fooled me into working for two days in order to save Theatresource, when really we were just being duped into doing the hardest part of the move out before we were told it was going to happen?

Well, I'm having trouble imagining how it could be otherwise.

  • So who do they think will help them move out of the theater altogether? I mean, I'm not going to do it. I was helping to save Theatresource, not help them to trash it.

Faeries? I don't know. Perhaps there's a band of magical elves living under the stairs.

  • Well, I suppose the only important thing was to really clean out was deep storage. The landlord doesn't care about what else gets cleaned out.

Hmm... Yes. That may have been the thinking. Nobody would have helped clean out deep storage if we knew we were going to close. And no other part of the theater is really a mess, and it might help the landlord if he wants to rent to another theater company.

  • Who is coming to this "Tribe Meeting" they scheduled on Saturday the 19th of November at 8pm?

Well, nobody who actually, you know, works in theater.

  • Why wasn't it scheduled at like 3pm?

Because then the people who work in theater would be able to show up.

  • Will the Board of Directors actually be at this meeting they've called?

I've been surprised before. So... maybe. I doubt any more than half of them will show though.

  • What is the actual financial position of Theatresource 501(c)3?

Right now there's about $20,000 of debt on the books.

  • Oh well that's... wait. What?!

Yeah. For a theater that's not really a lot of money.

  • Of course, we've trashed all the future income by cancelling all the shows that we did as soon as they announced they were closing.

Yup. Sure did. Of course, at $4000 a piece we could make up the gap by adding five new members to the Board.

  • That would make the Board fairly unwieldy wouldn't it?

Do you think it could be worse than the Board that actually closed the theater?

  • You've got a point there. So how do we take over the Board?

I really don't know if it can be done. And I certainly don't know if it can be done before the end of the year.


Anonymous said...

Saving the theatre: that would be awesome.

Says some stranger on the Internet.

Andrew Bellware said...

Sometimes anonymous strangers say smart things.

Anonymous said...

I found this site via Pandora Machine, after watching Alien Uprising (free on YouTube). I can only hope that, as the wiki states, you are able to keep practicing your craft. The Source IS the space! (Or at least, the people in it.)

Andrew Bellware said...

Well welcome! And if you wanna start a theater in New York, call up our landlord! ;-)