Thursday, November 03, 2011

And This Is Why

I have a CF card curse. I keep losing them. Seriously. Three down. And all at once. They can't have been stolen, because they'd have been sitting next to a camera or a Sound Devices 702. So er. Yeah. There's that.
I've been experimenting with SocialOomph to schedule my tweets.
My hosting company, iVHosting, has started to get snarky with me because they keep blocking my IP addresses and I have to ask them to un-block them.
I hate the new Google Reader. I can't see how many posts are in the left-sidebar because it gets cut off and I can't resize it.
Maybe what I need is an FFT expander. Although if you have a spare Cedar DNS 1000 I'll take it.
I'm actually deliberately limiting my work day. And I'm getting more work done. But I'm quitting around 7pm.
Rebecca Kush has locked two acts (of 9) of Android Insurrection and I've got one mixed (and re-mixed from notes) and will be mixing the next one tomorrow.
This blog post is probably exactly the reason my parents never used to look at my blog.


Penny said...

Interesting cat facts, Mr. Bellware! I have indeed seen my kitty spontaneously leap four feet in the air; can definitely ascertain her mood by the look in her eyes(occasional bouts of dementia included); have witnessed her gold medal Olympic achievements at napping and have also shared countless McDonalds Angus Burgers with my feline companion who drools like a pit bull at the smell of beef.

And although she's already at least 16 years old (not sure of her age at adoption), she's a hard-core cow's milk saucer addict which seems to keep her spry and "regular". ;-)

Oh, and I was going to comment on the rest of this post until it dawned on me that I didn't grasp a word of it, Andrew! :D

Andrew Bellware said...

Your cat needs some single-ended noise reduction for her fur.
My cat Pushkin was never interested in beef. Chicken, on the other hand, was not safe left alone with him.