Tuesday, November 08, 2011

"The Source Is Not The Space"

Conveniently, the Board of Directors of Theatresource will have their open "tribe meeting" on Saturday evening, at 8pm. You know, when everyone who is actually doing theater will be working.

The mass email reads thusly:
"We invite you to take part in a meeting on Saturday, November 19 at Manhattan Theatre Source at 8pm. It will be a time to discuss the Board's decision to leave 177 MacDougal Street, answer your questions about it, and talk about the future of the Source and this wonderful community as we continue on as the artistic production company that represents the values and core energy that founded the organization. The Source is not "the space," the Source is the community, its ethos and its joy (amidst struggles) in producing theater and art.
"We realize this decision has stirred up lots of emotions and memories of your time at the Source. We'd love to hear your stories--favorite productions, best party, most memorable moment, why you love the Source. Please send them to macdougalmemories@theatresource.org. We are open to requests for memorabilia from the space that you may want to take as a reminder of the time you have spent working or performing at 177 MacDougal.
"We are already planning to run the InGenius Festival in 2012 and, of course, Estrogenius in 2012. While there will not be an immediate new physical location for the Source at the start of January 2012, we are already dreaming and planning of ways to conduct monthly meet-ups, rent a small office space, and craft a model by which we could run a combined office/rehearsal studio. More immediately, we hope to have your support and ideas on how to best move smoothly out of 177 MacDougal as we head towards the future.
"If you have any immediate questions or ideas that you believe would help in our transition out of 177 MacDougal, please e-mail them to manager@theatresource.org.
"We look forward to toasting our 12-year run at 177 MacDougal with you on November 19!
With gratitude,
Andrew, Courtney, Doug, Eric, Matt, Melissa & Jen"
Remember, the Source is not the space. Just keep repeating that until you believe it.

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