Thursday, February 26, 2009

Audrey Day in the Pandora Machine

Somewhere around 100 pages and 17 DVD's (data and video DVD's) later, we've got (almost) everything off to the distributor for Alien Uprising. A couple weeks ago the DigiBeta tapes went out, as were a couple VHS tapes with burned-in timecode (I have no idea what those are used for, I should ask).

And now I need a new feature to shoot. I'm chomping at the bit. Maduka is loading his tranquilizer dart gun. Chomp chomp chomp.

Mozz is running a Save the Cat check on "0801 Dominion" (at least three people have independently called the task of analyzing a script with the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet as a "Save the Cat check").

And Blake Snyder wrote to me out of the blue. He liked all the things I've been saying about Save the Cat on this blog. He's sending us a couple books to make up for all the books I've been giving away! ;-)

I still say. Read it. Love it. Learn it.

Intuitively one might think that using a strict "beat sheet" might be constricting artistically. It's not though. It actually makes it easier to be creative when using the Beat Sheet because you know structurally exactly where you are in the story.

Oh and I got an apartment. I really don't want any mail coming there but it's at
129 Magnolia Ave #201
Jersey City, NJ 07306

I don't get the keys until next week. And I have absolutely zero plans for how I'll move in.

Don't forget the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet (BS2) calculator.


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Montserrat said...

I agree with you on save the cat. Brilliant, Brilliant... I think over all, limitations free creativity, and like any goal setting plan where you give yourself dates to complete goals a number page by which to achieve an objective is so brazilliant that when I read save the cat i was completely like, YES, why hasn't someone figured this out before.
I'm actually using save the cat on a play that i've been commissioned to write, and find it works for stage just as well. It makes the story move, no more unending monologues that lead no where...