Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Three mechs

Atrox mech.

Racing mech.

Update: I have zero idea why this is by far the most popular page on this blog. If you feel like it, why don't you tell me?


Anonymous said...

The reason the page is the most popular, is because it is the first listing when a user searches for the word "mech" in google images :)

Andrew Bellware said...

Will you look at that? It most certainly does come up.

Look, I'm a big fan of mechs and I'm trying to put some in my next movie (1002) but being the top image site for "mech"? That's weird. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cause, mecha is sexy, and the youth doesn't appreciate nude photography enough. They do appreciate mecha.

Andrew Bellware said...

Well, I'll just have to put more mechs on the blog!