Thursday, February 05, 2009

What Do We Do?

Wait. Why are we not shooting with a Nikon D90? Sure, it skews and jutters when you shoot in the subway. Typically there are no subways in space, so it's not a problem for us.

Oh, I know: I'd have to get a new lens set. That's going to cost a few thousand if I get a macro, a 35mm, a 50mm, 85mm, and a 200mm. I wonder what's on eBay?



SuperNova Tube.

So it looks like Dr. Horrible did make money. I infer about $200,000. I'd love to think that other people could do it.


Bill Cunningham asked some good questions the other day which make me have to really think about what we do:

"What are you looking for that will offer a challenge, but will be within your "brand."

What don't you want?

What can you offer besides low pay/ production?"
Those are great questions. What are we good at, what do we do?

What do we do?
Well, we inadvertantly ended up producing a sub-genre which in Japan is called "Lady Action". Our genre is "off-world sci-fi". We do "off world sci fi" because 1. we like it and 2. nobody else does it so it gives us more attention for the genre buyers. So off-world sci-fi with strong female leads -- that's what we do.

What are we good at?
We can photograph things well. We have access to good spaceship sets. We know many excellent actors. We can make good props. (Soon we'll have a bi-pedal mech!) I've finally learned how to shoot a love scene (shockingly, this has almost no commercial value anymore.) We can do sound well.

What do we want?
Morally complex stories which are action packed and affordable. And which save the cat. Lady action with cat saving. Plus we really like androids. Off-world androids. With cats. No, scratch the cat (boy would that be an inversion of reality), cats are hard to work with.

What don't we want?
We don't want camp. We don't want modern-day sci-fi although we don't mind time-travelling to post-apocalyptic worlds.

What can we offer?
Well, 10% of our receipts after the first $50,000. A finished movie which we actively tried to make not suck. Hookers and 8-balls. Credit, maybe a tiny bit of cash at the front end?

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